How variable speed drives save energy

Posted on : August 9, 2019

Most standard motors on the market are made to run consistently at the same speed, that speed being determined by the supply voltage, the frequency and the number of magnetic poles within the device. They are...

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Difference Between Emergency Lift Power Systems: ELPS vs UPS

Posted on : July 26, 2019

In this article, we will summarise the difference between emergency lift power systems (ELPS) and uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Firstly, let's put some context around why either or both of these systems may be important for...

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Our Guide to BS 9999 and DDA Legislations

Posted on : March 29, 2019

BS9999 and Disability Discrimination Act - Introduction Before we go into the detail of BS9999 and the Disability Discrimination Act in this guide, let's build some context around the broader subject of health and safety. In...

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Tariffs on our goods if there is a “No Deal” Brexit

Posted on : March 16, 2019

There has been a lot of turmoil in Westminster this week, as the House of Commons looks to find a way forward following the referendum of 2016.  There have been three days of voting and as...

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The long term benefits of using a frequency converter

Posted on : March 15, 2019

Frequency converters are popular power conversion devices used by a variety of different industries, including aviation, shipping as well as industries where there is a need to bridge between 50, 60 or 400Hz. They are an...

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Whilst the sun shines

Posted on : May 25, 2017

Whilst some of us are enjoying the weather, we are keeping the lads busy with various commissioning and maintenance work.  Like our ELPS at Bangor University, which supports their Evacuation Lift to provide DDA access as...

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