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How we serve Aviation

At PSI, we produce a wide range of high quality products, designed to best serve the sector it was intended for. Specifically, with aviation, we work with internationally renowned companies to provide them with essential power units for their needs. For this sector, the product best purposed to serve in this sector would be a UPS, providing a strong and reliable power supply when the aircraft is parked.

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Why is our work important to Aviation?

Specifically with aircraft, when parked at an airport, it is essential that it receives a stable and reliable power supply to keep the plane running whilst it is being filled with fuel.

Through our UPS products, it is possible to keep the plane running to allow for general maintenance, without using its fuel, presenting a much more environmentally sustainable model of power supply.

Benefits of our products in Aviation
  • Allows for onboard maintenance
  • More Environmentally sustainable and friendly

How our products work in Aviation?

Once the aircraft is parked, it is then connected to the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), allowing everything to continue running within the aircraft to allow for any maintenance needed between flights.

Examples of Sections of Aviation we have served:
  • US Air Force
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