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Established in 1986, Power Systems International is a company with an international reputation for its high quality, custom engineered power conversion systems. With a range of knowledge in this field, we are committed to working with clients to always find a solution for their needs.

<p>An <strong>internationally</strong> recognised name</p>

An internationally recognised name

<p>For <strong>high quality</strong> proven technology</p>

For high quality proven technology

<p><strong>Specialists</strong> in frequency & voltage conversion</p>

Specialists in frequency & voltage conversion

<p><strong>30 years experience</strong> in the industry</p>

30 years experience in the industry

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Operating internationally, with customers from Japan to the USA, we regularly work with customers who are leaders in their fields. Our focus is always to provide the right solution for our client’s, meaning location is less of a concern for us.

We manufacture Uninterruptible Power Supplies...
What is a UPS system?

An uninterruptible power supply, or UPS system, provides power to a critical load when the input power source, typically the mains power fails.

The true online UPS system provides continuous protection from input power interruptions or surges. This protection is achieved by means of storage batteries and associated electronic circuitry.

The uninterruptible power sources are intended for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical and process engineering, power stations, aerospace, airports and defence type applications, where absolutely reliable power is demanded.

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