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What is a Selectable Frequency and Voltage Converter?

Selectable Frequency & Voltage Converter

Selectable Frequency and Voltage Converters are designed to help test products before being shipped internationally, to replicate the accustomed local power for the country that it is going to be used in. This is essential in ensuring that the product that is being tested will be suitable for shipping and will match the client’s needs in the country of use.

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Why use a Selectable Frequency and Voltage Converter?

Selectable Frequency and Voltage Converters help you to convert frequency and voltage to help test products when in testing centres before it is then shipped abroad where frequency and voltage can be different.

Therefore, it is best to use this product when trying to understand how your product will function under different countries’ supply frequencies and voltages.

Additional benefits of Selectable Frequency and Voltage Converters?
  • Helps with testing a product for its use in a foreign country with different frequencies and voltages
  • Can be tested for very specific voltages and frequencies for any specific clients’ needs

Specifications of the product

It is important to clarify that this product doesn’t replace the Mini Tower configuration but it’s similar in that it has a  minimum power of 4.5kVA and maximum power of 22.5kVA.
Available Powers:

1. 4.5kVA (3 x 1.5kVA)
2. 9kVA (3 x 3kVA)
3. 15kVA (3 x 5kVA)
4. 22.5kVA (3 x 7.5kVA)

What can the products do?
  • Be compatible with standard Rack Cabinets 19’’
  • Provide a low power 3-phase machine to improve our market positioning
  • Speed up the assembly process and therefore the lead-time

Useful information

AC / AC and AC / DC For Generators

Fully custom current generator featured by very high DC or AC current output and very low DC or AC voltage output. Perfect solution for testing thermal magnetic circuit breakers, busbars, electric motors.

For more information on the specifications of the AC/AC current generator and the AC/DC current generator, consult these  pages, located at the top of this page.

For further information on the AC/DC generator contact a member of our team and we will answer any query you might have.

The Different Configurations

The flexibility acquired through synchronizing n.3 Rack 19’’ allows us to offer 3 configurations to be predetermined by the customer at feasibility/quotation stage:

–  3-phase input 1-phase output
–  3-phase input 3-phase output
–  1-phase input 3-phase output

Dimensional Improvements over the Mini-Tower Solution

It’s important to specify the dimensional improvements over the mini-tower solution (1100mm height from 9kVA to 30kVA):

– Auto transformer – from minimum 9U to maximum 12U
– Isolation Transformer – from minimum 9U to maximum 21U

What sectors can benefit from Static Frequency Converters?

Operating internationally, with customers from Japan to the USA, we regularly work with customers who are leaders in their fields. Our focus is always to provide the right solution for our client’s, meaning location is less of a concern for us.

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