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The Importance Of Regular Maintenance Of Your Frequency Converter

Power Systems International are commmitted to work with you on building a detailed care plan for your frequency converter. Whether it is a piece of technology supplied by us, or a third-party converter, we have the finest engineers, able to analyse your precise needs and plan a schedule tailored to your requirements.

Our frequency converters are built to the highest standards, and we are confident that they can endure the most extreme conditions. However, it is equally dangerous for these pieces of specialist power equipment to run without the appropriate level of care and maintenance so to maintain the optimum efficiency of the product.

It is possible that your frequency converters may have been damaged as a result of a demanding industrial life. At Power Systems International, we will undertake a personalised analysis of your situation and develop a comprehensive solution that accounts for these conditions. This might include: installing redundancy systems, to regular on-site visits by qualified specialists.

Annual maintenance of your frequency converter is a necessity to ensure a unproblematic relationship with your power supply needs.

Why Choose Power Systems International?

If we have supplied you with your frequency converter, there is little doubt that we are the best-placed service for your repair and maintenance requirements. When dealing with third-party converters, our engineers have significant experience of frequency converter and will put their knowledge to work ensuring that you get the longest life possible from your existing systems.

With a long a dedicated history in the frequency converter arena, PSI train our engineers to be reliable, friendly and professional.

PSI will ensure that your frequency converters are given the care they need to remain a reliable, trusted and integral link in your power supply chain.

The Care Of Frequency Converters

Whether it is for providing 50 to 60 Hz or 50 Hz to power from the local electricity grid, a frequency converter forms an unit often-overlooked but key part to your workflow process.

As it is with electronic machinery, even the most robust frequency converter can suffer over time and regularly scheduled maintenance helps to combat this as part of a comprehensive care plan for your specific needs.

Our repair and maintenance service are the difference between utilising your equipment for years to come and suffering the painful financial devastation of failure at an inopportune moment.


When something goes wrong it is vital that your frequency converter is brought back on-line as quickly as possible.
Repair can be needed as a result of many different things, including: downtime, general accidents happen and damage to equipment can happen in any environment.
If your converter is physically damaged or suffers internal component failure, repair rather than replacement is cheaper and quicker and more environmentally advantageous.

We specialise in industrial frequency voltage and conversion. Where our client’s have a known input and they need it converting to another known, this is where PSI can help.

<p>An <strong>internationally</strong> recognised name</p>

An internationally recognised name

<p>For <strong>high quality</strong> proven technology</p>

For high quality proven technology

<p><strong>Specialists</strong> in frequency & voltage conversion</p>

Specialists in frequency & voltage conversion

<p><strong>30 years experience</strong> in the industry</p>

30 years experience in the industry

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