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How we serve Shore to Ship?

At PSI, we produce a wide range of high quality products, designed to best serve the sector it was intended for. Specifically, with Shore to Ship purposes, we work with internationally renowned companies to provide them with essential power units for their needs. For this sector, the product best purposed for a clients needs would be one of our frequency converters.

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Why is our work important for shore to ship purposes?

As it is with PSI, we are constantly looking to see how we can improve our carbon footprint and contribute to a more green and cleaner planet for all.

Through using our frequency converters as opposed to diesel fuelled units to provide power for ships when docked, you can provide not only a more efficient supply of power but also a more environmentally friendly solution too.

What products we offer for Shore to Ship purposes?
  • Designed for use on the public supply grid networks of 50Hz or 60Hz
  • This includes 3 phase standard input voltages of 208V, 400V, 460V or 575V
  • Flexible designs for marine purposes
  • Strong durability for specific hazards in the marine sector

How our products work for Shore to Ship services?

Quite simply, our frequency converts help to provide power to a ship when it is docked at shore. This allows for some essential works and maintenance to be carried out on the ship whilst it is stationary and not moving.

For more information, consult our page about Shore to Ship Frequency Converters, or do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Benefits of our products for Shore to Ship Services
  • Reduces Carbon emissions significantly in comparison to diesel powered units
  • Allows some maintenance to be carried out on the ship whilst stationary
  • Keep the critical loads working, e.g. comms and navigation.
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