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How we serve Testing Centres

At PSI, we produce a wide range of high quality products, designed to best serve the sector it was intended for. Specifically, for testing centres we work with companies to test the real reliability and durability of products before being shipped.

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Why is our work important for Testing Centres?

The worst scenario possible, is shipping a product to a foreign place without the durability and reliability of the product being ensured. Through testing you can replicate the environment that the product will endure when in its final location.

Testing ahead of time can be invaluable in saving time and money, for once it has been shipped the process of communication and repairs becomes wildly expensive and difficult.

What products we offer for Testing Centres
  • Variable voltage and selectable Frequency Converters
  • Frequency Converters

How our products work in Testing Centres?

The advantage of the selectable frequency converter is that it is connected to the base electrical supply, which allows through selectable buttons on the front of the product, you to increase or decrease the voltage or switch between 50 and 60Hz on the frequency.

For more information do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Benefits of our products for Testing Centres:
  • Prepare your product before being shipped
  • Can save you lots of time and money

What sectors can benefit from Static Frequency Converters?

Our client’s are generally internationally recognised companies, often leaders in their fields. Whilst most of our clients are UK based, we have a wide range from Japan, though the Middle east and over the the USA. Our focus is on providing the right solution for our client’s, where they are based is less of a concern for us.

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