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What is the AC/DC Power Source?

An AC-DC power supply is a power electronic converting equipment which can convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) with variable output voltage and current.

The input and output electrical parameter range differs with equipment model. Yet, the product can support any input and any worldwide AC main electricity according to the required specifications.

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Power-Spin AC / DC Power Source

Scalable and Modular AC/DC power source with very wide voltage and current ranges. The perfect solution for powering UAV test stands, wind tunnels, automotive components such as windshield wipers, sunroofs, air blowers, electric seats, headlights and next-gen DC home appliances.

The uses of the Power-Spin AC/DC Power source also include:

– UAV and Wind Tunnels test stands
– special Household Appliances
– particular automotive components
– batteries for testing purpose

The qualities of the AC/DC Power-Spin
  • Compatible with any worldwide AC mains electricity upon customer requirements
  • Power range from 1kW to 200kW
  • Voltage range from 1Vdc to 400Vdc
  • Amperage range from 1A to 500A

Useful information

The different phases provided
  • Single-Phase (120Vac 50/60Hz – 230/240Vac 50/60Hz)
  • Two-Phase (2 x 120Vac 50/60Hz)
  • Three-Phase (3 x 208Vac 50/60Hz – 3 x 400Vac 50/60Hz – 3 x 480Vac 50/60Hz – 3 x 600Vac 50/60Hz)
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