Frequency converters are popular power conversion devices used by a variety of different industries, including aviation, shipping as well as industries where there is a need to bridge between 50, 60 or 400Hz. They are an effective way of alternating a current of one frequency to the current of another and, with this process, comes many different benefits.

Read on to find out more about the various long-term advantages of using a frequency converter.

Improve efficiency

Frequency converters enable you to run a motor or pump at the most efficient speed, as well as allowing you to match the motor to the amount of power required. In turn, this will prevent the motor from overworking which, in the long run, can improve the overall efficiency and improve the costs of running the pump or motor.

Reduced maintenance costs & Increased machine lifetime

By running your machines at a slower, more efficient speed, frequency converters will help it to run much better for longer, which can reduce the need for maintenance and the costs that come with it. That’s not to say that proper maintenance isn’t important – you may just find you need less of it.

This efficient way of running pumps and motors will help machines to last significantly longer than they would without a frequency converter. Efficient speeds put much less pressure on the machine which, over time, will see if last much longer and reduce the the amount of repairs or replacements you make in the long run.

Improve processes

Many businesses find that utilising frequency converters helps to improve processes by being able to take control of the speed of a machine. Processes are pivotal in the successful performance of a business or industry, so being able to improve your own processes is one of the greatest long-term benefits you could achieve with the help of frequency converters.

Frequency converters are much cheaper than they once were

Many still believe that utilising a frequency converter is a hefty investment, but the cost of these tools have dropped significantly in recent years. Thanks to lower prices and more efficient processes, it’s a small investment to make in order to reap the long-term rewards.

Frequency converters are now much less expensive than flow control valves and other conventional starters, and you’ll soon make your money back from the energy savings that come with it.

Utilise foreign equipment

Overseas pumps or motors may use a different frequency, so by adding a frequency converter, you’re much less likely to run into problems and keep your new equipment running for as long as possible. This means that the longevity of your equipment meant for overseas will be increased, meaning a greater return on your initial investment.

It is always well worth researching and looking over the various specifications before choosing which converter to invest in. By making this investment for your business or industry, you’ll soon begin to see smaller costs and longer lasting equipment, just a couple of the long-term benefits that frequency converters can deliver.