Case Study: Frequency and voltage conversion for CADG on behalf of the US Army

Our client, Stephen McCabe of CADG (Central Asia Development Group), was setting up a new hangar for the US Army in Niger, West Africa.

Scope of Works
Stephen identified that he needed to convert the 130kVA local medium voltage supply of 6.6kV, to 400VAC 50Hz. Due to the size of the hangar, and the need to accommodate other US equipment, he also needed to convert some of this back to 440VAC 60Hz, through the deployment of mobile 10kVA units.

This is where he needed our help, and the challenge is not uncommon. Many of our clients need to convert voltage and frequency to be able to use different equipment from a local supply.

Frequency and voltage conversion
Through the supply, the feed was Three Phase with no neutral, so the supply had to create that absent neutral through a galvanic Isolation (zig zag) Transformer. For this particular project, the units were inside the building so we could use our indoor expert range for the conversion, although the transformer was constructed outdoors.

The 10kVA converters needed to be mobile to allow point of use service to go back to 60Hz where and when the Army need it.

Project completed on time
The project was completed in good time, allowing our client to come home for Christmas, knowing that the project was complete. Asked if he would use us again, he told us “in a heartbeat” which, for such a complex project, was rewarding to hear.