Custom Engineered Grade UPS

Custom Engineered Grade UPS

CEG Series

This series of industrial uninterruptible power systems and inverters provide a custom engineered grade (CEG) product with 120V DC, 240V DC and 400V DC battery bus voltage. The units are intended for active on-line installations between the power source and the critical load where the inverter delivers regulated voltage and frequency to the load at all times.

The UPS systems are available in outputs from 5kVA to 150kVA single phase with 230V or 120V output, in addition to three phase output from 10kVA to 400kVA, 50Hz or 60Hz.

These power conversion systems operate by isolating the critical load from the normal mains borne disturbances. Similarly the units isolate the mains from load induced reflected harmonics affecting other loads connected to the input mains feeder.

The rectifier converts AC into DC power for charging a storage battery such as maintenance free lead acid, vented lead acid or Nickel Cadmium, it also provides the necessary DC for the continuously rated capacity of the inverter. Transistors or IGBT semiconductor devices are used in the pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverters and the control logic creates the precise sinusoidal output waveform with a very low harmonic content.

The inverter design is a high frequency PWM type with shielded logic, output isolation transformer, static interrupter with static transfer and manual bypass switch, a status indicating and alarm mimic with digital metering is fitted as standard.

These products are suitable for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical, military defence, process engineering and power generation industries.