PSI Launches the New ELPS – Series 4

Power systems international are proud to report the launch of the new ELPS range.  The new range includes the benefits of the previous series, and we have enhanced the range to offer:

  • A wider range of units as standard
  • A Smaller and lighter unit (over 30% smaller and lighter than the Series 3)
  • Better larger menu for users
  • More interactive, including a RS232 card as standard
  • Now up to 400% over-current for 1 second
  • Units now come with locking wheel to make it easier to move in tight locations
  • VRLA battery bank with 10+ years design life

The unit still maintains the following features:

  • Local /remote logic control switch
  • Wall mounting maintenance bypass unit
  • Remote control key switch
  • Power flow status mimic panel
  • Low noise level
  • Power consumption less than 100 Watts in quiescent mode
  • Fitted with Input and output flexible cables
  • Input and output plugs & sockets
  • Significant savings in electricity, when compared to a UPS
  • Significant installation savings when compared to a Diesel generator

For more information please click on the following link or contact us at or call us on 01494 871544