Emergency Lighting Systems

Small Systems – ELS D Series

This range of digitally controlled intelligent power systems are designed to provide a centralised source of power to supply dedicated light circuits for open offices, stairways or emergency exit routes in all kinds of public premises.

When the mains power fails, these Emergency Lighting Systems (ELS) send AC 230V backup power to four dedicated circuits of lighting fittings and exit signs in the premises making it possible to see the way to the emergency exit. The maximum load that the basic size ELS D emergency power system can support is 1,500VA.

The emergency lighting product is microprocessor controlled featuring a LCD display that can monitor for problems with the lighting including if lamps have failed, if there is a load earth fault or if output fuses have blown*. This information is all communicated to the central power unit via each of the connected lighting power circuits without the need for any additional sensing wiring.

The LCD display also allows you to keep a check on the mains voltage, VA power factor, watts, DC amps, inverter voltage, and battery condition. In addition it offers LED status indications and LCD alarm indications, and the commissioning engineer can set up parameters via the front LCD panel.

The ELS D series has excellent green credentials; in quiescent mode the system consumes a small amount of energy, just enough to keep the integral battery fully charged.

In an emergency situation or when the mains power fails the lighting inverter automatically reverts to its battery and will provide 1,500VA of power for up to three hours.

The standby power supply conforms to EN50171 and is designed to fit into the typical building risers. The boxes are shallow, only 325mm deep x 500mm wide, with heights ranging from 750mm to 1200mm depending on the VA capacity and the battery autonomy.

The emergency lighting products are designed and built in the UK with manufacturing time taking four weeks from order acceptance date.


  • Status of any luminaire type is remotely monitored and tested weekly, without the use of separate additional cables
  • The four load circuits are individually fused with terminals for each of the lighting circuits
  • Subcircuit monitoring
  • Optional ‘fire test’ monitoring and/ or night-watchman switch
  • Multi channel lighting service circuit integrity eliminates the need for addressable lighting fittings. ELS microprocessor detects any connected luminaire and monitors the VA consumption without the need for additional monitoring wires
  • Monitors earth leakage conditions in the four outgoing cables and the luminaire with adjustable sensitivity
  • Automatic luminaire test and/or battery test to check the integrity of the whole system
  • Optional data logging event recorder, can be interrogated from a remote location

*Requires load test to be activated. This is not possible when remote hold-off or change-over modules are used.

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