Power Systems International were asked to provide a frequency converter for foreign staff attending the NATO missile defence exercise, known as operation Formidable Shield. Clearly what we did was not rocket science, we left that to the others.

Scope of works
Our client required a 10kVA to convert from 50Hz local supply to 60Hz. As is often the case, our usual deadlines had expired because of delays in the chain placing the orderthe unit was based in a marine environment, greater protection was required when increasing the IP rating from IP20 (indoor) to IP54 (outdoor). There was also a requirement for “tropicalising” by conformal coating the internal circuit boards and wirings.

Frequency and voltage conversion
Many clients need to convert voltage and frequency to use different equipment form the local supply. The main challenge for this project was the time we had to execute and do that well. Because the event only happened on certain days, missing the deadline was no option. Working with our client the usual 4-6 weeks was reduced to a week. Then our engineer Chris Davies had a very snowy drive through Glencoe with the unit safely in his boot. The overall result was from order to delivery was two weeks, and if you ever want to know the distance between Milton Keynes and The outer Hebrides … all we could get from Chris was “It’s a long VERY long way”

This was a great project to show our adaptability and commitment to meeting deadlines, as a solutions focused business that we are.