Covid-19 Updated Response – 12th March 2020

The unfolding situation with Covid-19 continues to move. As the saying goes, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

With immediate effect we are taking the following measures:

– There will be no staff international travel until further notice and we are asking all staff cancel any overseas trips for personal reasons as well
– Any member of staff who has come from abroad, is now requested to quarantine themselves for 7 days and if they see any symptoms to call 111 and to take their advice
– We will still be travelling to UK sites as normal, though working with our UK clients and their needs
– We are talking to ur suppliers to understand their defensive plans. At this point we have to accept that there WILL be delays and we are happy that our suppliers are taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard supply
– Were our team are together hand and general hygiene is being catered for and staff encouraged to follow generally accepted medical advice
– In the office all staff have the ability to work from home and tools are already in place to do that, so we will continue to function should the situation change

We believe that there has been a significant shift in the last fews days. This means we all need to keep a calm head and follow the advice given. We think that delays are inevitable and we are planning to do what we can to minimise them.

Paul Berry
Managing Director