Corona Virus – Update 17th March 2020

Yesterday saw a further announcement from the Government (click here) further escalating advice to individuals and businesses.

They are now advising for people to work from home and to increasingly socially distance themselves and to work from home where possible.

Based on this we have escalated our response to include:

– Half of the office staff will work from home with immediate effect, rotating week by week until the advice changes
– The other half to work at least 3 meters away from each other
– All deliveries to observe the same protocols for everyone’s sakes
– Unnecessary travel, even in the UK, has now ceased
– Visits to the our site has stopped, except for deliveries

We re-iterate

– Goods are still moving
– Our engineers will continue to come to site, observing all the same protocols of washing hands, 1 metre distance etc
– Manufacturing is still taking place and we are moving any additional staff the may compromise manufacture

We are prepared for a protracted period of at least 4 months. There are risks on lead times, that is inevitable, and we are doing all we can to reduce or eliminate those.

If we work well and responsibly for you as our customer, for each other, for our families and community, then we will come through this.

Kind Regards

Paul Berry