Corona Virus – Power Systems International Limited’s Response

Following extensive coverage in the media, and the publication of the Government’s advice and planning in the event of a widespread outbreak in Europe of the Coronavirus known as Covid-19.

At this stage we perceive the risk to be on people’s perception and the actions they are or will be taking as a result. We see this as a time not to buy into hype and hyperbole and will be following Health England’s advice. Afterall this is a body made up of people who spent 7+ years learning and training to provide healthcare, as opposed to “Dave down the pub” who spent about 7 seconds. We are therefore following guidance in

All our product is sourced from Europe, though there maybe sub-components from China, at this stage this is not impacting lead times and we continue to monitor this

This being said, it is foolish for us to ignore the possibility of an impact on our business.

So we are taking the following measures.

• We are ensuring that our employees are aware of the symptoms of Covid-19
• For those who can work from home we are trialling days working from home
• We are providing suitable hand sanitisers (soap or equivalent) and reinforcing the need to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds at a time.
• We are “stress testing” individuals being sick

What we are NOT planning at the moment is:

• Halting supplies
• Lengthening lead times, though we do need to keep an eye on this
• Attending sites performing our commissions, repairs and maintenance
• Attending planning meetings wherever in the country
• Stopping travelling in the UK and overseas, though each trip is being specifically assessed based on Foreign Office advisory
Overall, we are at this stage confident that it is very much business as usual. We are keeping a watching brief on events, and are planning should the worst actually happen.

Kind Regards

Paul Berry
Managing Director
Power Systems International Limited