Case Study: Shore to ship marine frequency converters

Power Systems International were asked to provide a frequency and voltage conversion for yachts moored at a new holiday resort in the Philippines.
Due to concerns about energy conservation and the drive towards reducing carbon footprint, the maritime community, including harbour and marina operators, actively seek alternative ways of supplying shoreside power to yachts, boats and vessels when they berth at a port or marina.

Scope of works
Our client required a 100kVA to convert from 60Hz local supply to 50Hz. As the unit was based in a marine environment, greater protection was required when increasing the IP rating from IP20 (indoor) to IP54 (outdoor). There was also a requirement for “tropicalising” by conformal coating the internal circuit boards and wirings.

Frequency and voltage conversion
Many clients need to convert voltage and frequency to use different equipment form the local supply. The main challenge for this marine project was to provide a unit that will work for many years, given the harshness of salt and moisture in the air. Units need more protection than just an IP54 enclosure, and to be given further protection against high moisture condensation levels.