400Hz Frequency Converters

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Solid State Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU)

What is a GPU?

When on the ground an aircraft cannot use the domestic 50Hz or 60Hz power. Consequently, whilst parked in the airport apron stand the aircraft utilises the ground support equipment (GSE) to switch its on board service loads and navigation avionics to a 400Hz frequency converter.

The Benefits of GPUs

The major benefit to using a “point of use” frequency converter is that it is very energy efficient. The GPU only needs to be switched on when it is needed, which means there is no need continue running the aircraft’s engines and the on board turbo generator auxiliary power unit (APU). The 400Hz frequency convertor eliminates noise and air pollution, unnecessary fuel consumption and contributes to the reduction of maintenance needed on the APU, generators and batteries.

400Hz GPUs at Power Systems International

Our 400Hz GPU range includes outdoor all weather units that can be used for military airfield and airport applications. These compact converters can be fixed to the gantry of a passenger loading bridge, can be hung underneath the walkway, or the vertically configured systems can be installed at a convenient place close to where the aircraft parks. We also have indoor versions of the GPU for use in maintenance hangars, avionics workshops, hard shelters and simulator applications.

We can supply either fixed or mobile units mounted to a trailer in vertical or horizontal configurations. Contact us today for more information. You can also view our datasheet for a technical specification.

Combi Unit 400Hz/28v DC

We can offer a combination converter with both 400Hz power and an additional 28V DC output, for use on helipads on board drilling ships and off-shore oil and gas platforms. We also supply flexibile aircraft power cable, connectors, reeling systems and service pits for stowing the cables that deliver “point of use” power to all types of aircraft.
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