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The Power Systems International Series of mobile 28vDC power supply systems are designed for aircraft engine starting and battery charging applications for “point of use” at the aircraft parking stands, in maintenance hangars or in avionics workshops, aircraft manufacture and training simulators where a rugged heavy duty and reliable isolated DC power source is required.  

This mobile power system is designed for connection to the normal 50Hz (or 60Hz) 3 phase 400V mains source. Producing an output of 28V DC to provide all types of helicopters and small aircraft with a high stability power supply for charging on board batteries. These systems can also deliver a current-limited, short duration peak power output for engine starting.

28vDC Power Supply Options

Power Systems International offer a wide range of 28vDC power supply units, split into three main categories:

  • The DD range, designed for rugged uses, such as offshore installations (combination only)
  • The PS Range suitable for hangar and outdoor use (Continuous, Starter and Combination) or
  • The SP Range, which is integrated into our 400Hz product (combination only)

There is little audible noise, no vibration, toxic exhaust fumes or environmental pollution as produced by diesel driven systems or when the aircraft is running its engines or APU.

This series of mobile power units is designed to deliver the aircraft engine peak starting current of up to 2,400A. Our products will keep the battery fully charged whilst the aircraft is on the ground. Hence, reducing battery stress and preserving the life expectancy of on board aircraft batteries.

DD Series GPU

The standard DD series 28V DC ground power unit is constructed in an all welded sturdy press formed steel enclosure, rust inhibited and painted in colours and finish to suit individual customer requirements. The converter enclosure upper section top is fitted with handling bars at each end for one person positioning, the base frame section is fitted with lockable swivelling wheels.

PS Series GPU

The PS range is smaller and lighter and designed to be positioned as close to the aircraft as possible. The series also comes with wheels and rugged handles for manual handling.  The unit comes with a longer 50 or 60Hz input cable, and shorter output DC cable to reduce the considerable costs and weight of DC Cable.

SP Series GPU

Finally the SP range is designed to offer the most flexibility where the aircrafts could required 400Hz power or 28vDC.  This also comes in static and mobile options.

All units can be offered with a stainless steel casing, for the harsher environments.

The units can also handle a wide range of operating environments, with temperature ranges of -20c to +60c, and come with IP ratings of up to IP54.

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Features and options

  • 50 Hz or 60Hz input frequency
  • Output line drop compensation *
  • Non mobile solution for fixed installations *
  • Input and output cables **
  • Cable stowage frames *
  • Standard DC aircraft power connector
  • Special paint colours and finish
  • Stainless steel construction for oil rig installation

* (excludes PS Range)
** (included in PS Ranges as standard)

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